FS 2013 R3.2 released

And another one… sorry about that, but those bug fixes from the last few weeks were no good. Obviously we did not do enough testing, but we’re working on getting better about that.

FS 2013 R3.2 has just been released and is available for download. This release fixes a number of bugs that were reported since the release of FS 2013 R2 last August. For details, see the release page.

As always, should you run into problems with this or any older FS release, please use the FS forum to get support. This is also a great place to talk about things you’d like to be changed in FS – or things you like as they are now.

3 Comments on “FS 2013 R3.2 released

  1. sorry for the inconvenience but it is winter here and taking advantage to study and catch up on the information
    I installed the FS2013R3, 2 ​​and has no gap 2014 formula goal variant radio or conical
    q that is being studied by its implementation?
    It is my mistake?
    should lose across
    thank you very much for your attention

  2. Hello July

    No, this is no mistake. Note that this is still FS 2013. We are working on FS 2014, which will include the newest (2014) implementation of the GAP formula. We will release that in time for the European Championships in August at the latest. I’m sorry we’re not any faster, but we’re doing what is possible.


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