FS 2014 released

FS 2014, this year’s edition of the CIVL scoring software for paragliding and hang-gliding cross-country competitions, has been released and is available from the FS 2014 R1.1 download page:

FS 2014 contains the two most recent scoring formula implementations: GAP2014 and PWC2014. GAP and PWC have become very similar this year, the only difference for paragliding competitions exists in the case where End-of-speed-section and goal are identical: In that case, only the PWC formula awards Arrival Altitude points. GAP does not do anything special in this case. In all other aspects, the two formulas are identical.

If older versions of either GAP or PWC formulas are required, these are now available with the optional FS Legacy Formula Pack, which can be downloaded and installed from the same link above.

We don’t expect it, but despite our testing efforts, we can’t guarantee that no new bugs were introduced in this version. Should you run into problems with any version of FS, let us know on the FS forum.

And as always, we appreciate any kind of feedback, praise or ways how to further improve FS.

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