2 Comments on “FS 2020 R1.1 released

  1. Hi, there.
    I have one question.
    We competed last week.
    The time mark seems to have changed in FS Flight.
    In GAAP 2018, it became a time mark when entering the task cylinder.
    However, in GAAP 2020, it becomes a time mark when it leaves the cylinder.
    Is this right?
    Best Regards.
    Jun Lee

  2. Hello Jun Lee, thank you for your message. As we are already in contact over email, I simply put a reponse here for others to see: You are correct that there was a change from FS2019 to FS2020. This was in order to allow for re-starts after having taken the first cylinder in the speed section. While the results are correct, like you, I am not quite happy with this yet, and we are working on improving it.

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