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  1. This version doesn’t have the “Create source .xml file” option when creating report, so it is useless for me.

  2. The GAP2020 will calculate the distance incorrectly if the start cylinder does not coincide with the Take off point. He often ascribes some extra kilometers to the tracks, although the pilots flew less than L0. For example, our pilots did not fly out of the Take off cylinder (with a radius of 2 km), but in the results they have values of 6 and 7 km of the distance traveled.

    • Hello Sergey, thank you for your feedback. What you describe is a basic safety feature of GAP that has been in place since the beginning. To encourage pilots who sink out right after launch to fly to the regular landing zone (rather than risking dangerous landings elsewhere), a minimum distance is defined that is clearly further than the landing zone. Any pilot who launches is scored for at least this minimum distance.

      • No, the mistake is that the pilots who have flown the same distance of 1-1.5 km get 6-7 km in the calculations, instead of L0. If you score the same task in GAP2018, then everything is considered fine.
        You can see this in the results.
        All pilots from the 10-16 position did not take off from the take-off cylinder of 3 km, but they got distances of 7-6 km, although the starting cylinder is only 5 km away and they never took it! This is exactly a programming error. This is clearly seen on the replay.
        I can send FSDB with tracks to Email.

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