FS2024 R3.1 released

We just released FS 2024 R3.1. This version introduces several new features, improvements and bug fixes.

  1. The user interface changed to elevate competition settings to the same level as participants and tasks. All three are presented in their own tab.
  2. The main theme is to reduce the amount of mindless repetitive scoring work, and let the computer do that whenever possible. This is why apart from predefined categories, you can now predefine the teams, and the template files to be used for result reporting. Additionally, you can set a file name prefix for the competition. If you do so, file names become more readable, and all reports are created without any further input from your end.
  3. Titles for result reports are automatically created, to increase the uniformity across tasks and competitions, and reduce the need for the score keeper to come up with something creative each time.
  4. Results now have a version, which is indicated in the file name and the title. This allows easier distinction of different versions.
  5. Besides HTML, result reports can now also be output as PDF files
  6. Task definitions can be imported from another FSDB
  7. In the task view, double-click on a pilot opens their detail window where, for example, the wing can be modified right away.

For more details see the temporary download page.

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