Author: Oyvind Ellefsen

True Altitude – 3D scoring test software

Daniel Dimov presented his work on finding true altitude at the 2013 CIVL plenary. The presentation and software is now available from the FS website, and work is underway to further integrate into FS. Abstract; Precise altitude information is necessary

Major site update to

If you can read this we have successfully upgraded the website and backend systems for The frontpage is now based on WordPress, the forums have been overhauled, updated and upgraded, and the Trac Wiki and ticket system is upgraded

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New Installer

The newest version of FS now comes packaged as a exe file, ready to install. It will install FS in “Program Files” directory, make a directory for FS Data in “My Documents”, and also create an uninstaller. Do you guys

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New GAP documentation

Thanks to very good work in the Scoring WG we now have a updated document describing the GAP parameters and options as implemented in FS. Have a look under the ScoringFormulas section for the document.

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Older news from the Wiki

2009-09-11: After the spam problem got better, it got worse again. I’ve had to close the ticket and wiki permissions for now. It means users will have to register before being able to create and change in the wiki or tickets.

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