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Joerg, How are you?

I used the FS2016 version PWC2016, but there are some points to observe

Is showing only GAP2016 and PWC2015. But the calculation is as in PWC2016 (valuing the leadership points)

Another bad point, when manually copying IGCs to folder of proof, even downloading them through the GPSDump or another application, We have to Calculate the proof so that the FSFlight shows in the list the IGC, This I found bad, unproductive, when we have the pilot lowering and Seeing…

If you want some suggestions, because I am the manager of several championships in Brazil, Cross Crountry or Race to Goal. I developed an App for Upload and Download (wpts and igcs) for traditional GPS, and those that need to copy only (Celuares, Tablets or other new peripherals) besides other things more .. was pretty cool.

Result of a test:

If you want you can pick up the IGCs, FSDB and observe the other results:

My email: zenilsonrocha # hotmail
Whatsapp +5527998819130


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