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    After running an XC league for 3 years now I’ve come to the conclusion that everything I do in FSComp is extremely repetitive and predictable… perfect for automation. I’m currently working on creating some infrastructure to unify all the tedious work of running an XC league. The biggest remaining piece that I’m unsure how to tackle is automating the scoring of FSComp. I can do a lot through manipulation of the FSDB file but I can’t score a task or create the output reports. Further running my software on a UNIX server makes it difficult to run a piece of windows code.

    Just wondering if anyone has thoughts on the merits of these new features and ideas about how to go about it. Right now the only thing I can think of as an answer to my issues is a re-write in Java to get platform independence and create a cmd line or API setup to automate all necessary actions for task/comp scoring.

    Joerg Ewald

    Hi Aaron

    Our thoughts are going into the same direction: A re-write with some clean layering that allows for different UIs or even automation calls to the business logic. Unfortunately, the number of people actively developing for FS is very limited (3 over the last year), and they are all very busy working on other stuff right now.



    Fair enough Joerg. I’m working on putting some infrastructure in place on my side now for the next few months but hopefully by fall I’ll have completed that and be ready to contribute significantly to this endeavor.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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