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    <p>I tested the FS system two days ago.<br />
    And I downloaded GPS tracklogs but i couldnt save in GpsDump comp_mode.<br />
    Because my misunderstandings in setting about "Set comp time" ,I used in local time not UTC.<br />
    It’s written in "FS Guide"-"About GpsDump" like this,<br />
    "GpsDump also have the option of applying a filter when downloading a tracklog.<br />
    This filter is very useful with Garmin GPS units that sends the whole tracklog, as the filter keeps the tracklog files clean,and only stores tracklog points that apply to the relevant task.<br />
    The tracklog filter works in UTC time as most GPS devices store tracklog in UTC,<br />
    and it it recommended to set it to filter anything before the start window open time.<br />
    Flytec/Brauniger integrated instruments will send only relevant data for the selected day,<br />
    so the filter is not so relevant for these instruments. ”</p>
    <p>Could You add Note in GpsDump Comp Mode settings diarog?



    Hi Yusuke,

    It does say “”Set the UTC date/time. …” in the “Set Competition Time” dialog in GpsDump (4.16) so I am not sure how to make this clearer.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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