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    <p>The Colombian Hang Gliding Nationals have just finished. I placed first, and did the scoring. </p>
    <p>On one task I had to override the software regarding the start time of one pilot, and I´m feeling a little backwards on this, basically because that probably made him lost the 4th place on the general score.</p>
    <p>He flyies with a garmin e-trek gps (the worst one) that has like 2000 tracklog points and it only records on automatic, so the way that we told him to record the flight was like "taking pictures" on the different check points, meaning that he turns on and off the gps a lot on flight.</p>
    <p>On the attached competition, he´s Hector Alonso Corrales. </p>
    <p>On task 5, check the start time on his track.</p>
    <p>We had three start gates, 11:15, 11:30 and 11:45 am.<br />
    FS said that he started at 11:45:09, meaning the last start. But when you check out the tracklog, you see that his last tracklog point outside the "entry" start cylinder was at 11:44:56 (4 seconds early), and the first one inside was 11:45:02, so the 11:45:09 is like the third tracklog record inside the entry start cylinder.</p>
    <p>I overrided the score software by giving him the 11:44:56 crossing, so he lost 15 minutes for a "too close" start.</p>
    <p>I´m not sure if the software was showing something on the tracklog, but using some "12 seconds" correction parameter…</p>
    <p>Anyway, any feedback on why this behaviour?<br />
    Did I mess things up by overriding the scoring software?</p>
    <p>I tryied to put this as a ticket with an attachment, but the server returned me with a "possible spam" error, so no attachment.



    hola daniel. puedes crear un ticket con el archivo adjunto..
    si lo haces envia la abse de datos y todos los tracks de esa prueba.

    hello daniel. you can create a ticket with the attachment ..
    if you do send the data abse and all tracks of that task.



    Hola Rafa.

    No he logrado publicar el ticket. Al parecer tienen tachados como spam los IP de mis proveedores de internet (he ensayado de 3 sitios distintos y todos me devuelven un error de posible spam).

    Si quieres, te puedo enviar el archivo de la competencia con los tracks al correo electrónico (1.6mb), a ver si lo puedes publicar o darle una mirada.

    Creo que el error está dado por la gráfica de FSFlight, que no parece estar muy ajustada, pues traté de calcular la distancia entre el primer punto dentro del start del piloto y el centro del start y me arroja 15.056 mts (el start era de 15.000), por lo que aun cuando aparece dentro del start visualmente, todavía está a más de 15.000 mts de la baliza.



    Hola daniel mi correo loezrafa (at)
    es un alternativo que siempre se llena de spam, 🙂 soportara 1,6 mb extra 🙂



    Cuando vas a crear el ticket coloca tu email.. no dejes “anonimo”.
    asi podras adjuntar un archivo.


    Oyvind Ellefsen

    Sorry for the problem with attaching tickets, I had to increase spamfilter level, and that is why you have problems.

    I am working on fixing this by enabling the same usernames for Wiki and forum, but it takes some time 🙂 I will post here and on the Wiki when it OK again.



    Hello there.

    I posted the tracklogs on my blog, with the FSDB.

    The direct link.



    I think the case for considering the% error as a positive value.
    but for a start entry error must be negative.
    If you. using a radius of 14,925.00 mts get the correct result.

    Creo que el ocurre por considerar el % de error como un valor positivo.
    pero en el caso de un start de entrada el error debe ser negativo.
    Si ud. usa un radio de 14925,00 mts obtendra el resultado correcto.

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