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    <p>I’m having difficulty getting the correct files for FS Flight to load the UK Airspace.</p>
    <p>Does anyone have a valid file for the UK?</p>



    See http://fs.fai.org/ticket/173





    Are there any way to “setting” the AIRSPACE file to validate something sector permitted within a restricted sector?
    ex. a polygon or circle within a CTR (in part)…
    I can send the image to see better if they do not understand is …

    Hetor Zoia



    seems to lie, I have to answer in English ..
    One option is to split into 2 parts CTR and clear the area that can be used in competition.



    The idea is to add one flight sector “unrestricted for a competition” to an existing Airspace file (with CTRs, TMA …)
    without having to create a special file for each case.
    just add the polygon or circle where the flight is not restricted, but all or part of this within a restricted area.



    It is possible to have restricted air space (eg CTR, TMA) and within a cylinder is not restricted.
    detects the FSFlight who are not restricted air space.
    But when you do check vs tracklog Airspace -> the track will have a *
    Apparently not detect the type of airspace,
    use a class G within an area A and not detected as air space allowed

    Additional work is building airspace do not possess the permitted area of competence, but what I see as the only solution ..
    someone else has tried a remedy?

    sorry my bad english..



    At the moment tracklogpoints inside (altitude within limits of AL & AH) any areas will be flagged.

    As mentioned above, one solution is to edit the existing airspaces so that unrestricted airspace is not there.

    I don’t know if the Airspace format has any provisions for this. Will look at it. Would prefer to not create new stuff inside airspace files which is not part of their format.

    If anyone got any bright ideas …




    Just noticed this in doc for GpsDump 4.37:

    “Radius of a CTR circle is in knots, unless the number is followed by “km”.”

    FsFlight will not understand “km”. It does expect it to be nautical miles (knots).

    The only spec on Airspace format that I’ve found is this: http://www.winpilot.com/UsersGuide/UserAirspace.asp

    Seems there is quite a bit left to imagination …


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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