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    Hi guys.
    We will be running a HG competition in August in Spain, the Ager 2021 Open & Spanish Nationals. Due to a conflict in dates with a competiton in Italy, the is a huge number of foreign pilots that will come to Ager, but probably arrive late to the second task. So we have decided to use a normalization system to be fair, so every pilot can discard his worst scoring task. These pilots that are not able to attend the first task would normally discard this task in the scoring. We have considered to use the FTV factor that FS comp has. But I would like to ask you if the FTV factor works with the GAP2021 formula or if it´s only is valid for the PWCA formulas?
    We will have 7 tasks if the weather allows us and we intend only to discard one task, what FTV factor must I use. There must be at least 3 valid tasks otherwise no normalization is applied.
    Thanks in advance for any reply

    Joerg Ewald

    Hello Juaki

    Sorry for the late response – for some reason I did not receive any notification for this.

    At any rate, yes, FTV works with GAP2021, and has been used like this in numerous paragliding competitions world-wide.

    Just be prepared to answer a lot of questions from pilots when they see the results. Depending on your timing, I may be able to give a short intro to FTV over Zoom. The best way to reach me directly is joerg.ewald@volirium.com.

    Happy Flying, and good luck with your competition!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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