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    <p>Hello my English is very bad, use a translator site, please know excuse.<br />
    I am trying JG factor, and after many tests I think it is a good system, however there are details which I think should be different:</p>
    <p>if a pilot leaves before the Start Point, and this day no one reaches this goal and is pilot who won the most volo proof …<br />
    himself in the same location pilot Besides before start point B and pilot leaves on time, both fly distances equivalent will be tied them .. however the pilot B respects the start point.<br />
    I think that for the pilot who departed before the start point for cases:<br />
    1 .- no pilots in the goal must suffer a deterioration of its distance or score<br />
    2 .- if there is no goal but the pilot reaches goal must also suffer a deterioration of its distance or score


    Hello, I do not know if anyone has read my message or do not understand my poor English.

    The question is:
    is not desirable that the JG penalized total points earned by the pilot, affecting also the points for distance?
    It is desirable that if 2 pilots equalise in the distance Pilt who departed before the start point gain far fewer points than who respect the timetable?

    Oyvind Ellefsen


    If I understand this correctly you want JTG to influence distance points if there is no one in goal?

    The way it is today JTG influence only the time points. It does not influence the distance points.

    I think you have a valid point, but if no pilots made goal it means the task was too difficult and pilots that went too early made the right choice – they should not be penalized for making a good choice. Also by the same reasoning we should penalize the pilots who jump the gun, but do not make goal, even if some pilots make goal.

    I do not think it is necessary to add JTG to the distance points because the primary objectives of JTG is to let the less skilled pilots that do not expect to make goal or make a good time to go early, and to reduce dangerous flying in the start cylinder by letting the good pilots start a few seconds early.

    The good pilots will reach goal, and JTG will penalize the time for them. If the less skilled pilots go early, but do not reach goal they should not be penalized, as they probably made the right choice to go early.


    However I have tried 2 situations.

    1. Task, with 15 pilot in goal, pilot “A” side 82 seconds before start point, the pilot “B” part-time, fly slower.
    Pilot “A” flying 44,300 meters at 21.5 km / h pilot “B” flying 44,500 meters at 20.8 km / h.
    However Pilt “A” score that gets better who did more distance and respect start point, JG use factor 15.

    2.: Evidence Similarly, without pilots in goal (the goal change): pilot “A” side 82 seconds before start point, the pilot “B” part-time, fly slower
    Pilot “A” flying 44,300 meters 21.5 km / h pilot “B” flying 44,500 meters, 20.8 km / h.
    However Pilt “A” gets best score that anyone who makes more distance and respect start point.

    I agree with you. if there are no pilots in goal, 1 pilot departed before start point can win the test, but must win by far to do so, the JG current speculation and allows tactical use, even with values> 15.

    We have a great discussion on whether or not to use JG
    These 2 cases were tested and we believe that is why not use it, many pilots believe that if a pilot has used the JG tactically should have a greater difference in distance and speed to beat a pilot who respect start point.

    I am happy that you understand the translation.

    thank you very much for your post.

    Rafa Lopez, Argentine’s ScoreKeeper.

    PD: I conducted new tests on competcion task 2007 and sends the database.

    Oyvind Ellefsen

    Hi, try doing the test without Leading Points. JTG does not give any bonus to going early, the reason the pilot A is winning is probably the leading points bonus. His tracklog will show if he is leading on pilot B during the course.

    – Oyvind


    I understand that wins the pilot “A”.
    I am not saying that JG malfunction, but whether it is fair to happen …
    I think it would be more fair if the JG penalize the total score, not just the points for leadership and speed.
    Therefore cree an entry of discussion šŸ™‚

    The pilot “B” begins 7 minutes after the pilot “A” was not guided by this and also respect the start point of time.

    You no cree that the pilot “B” had more points than the pilot “A”? Without the use of the pilot JG “A” only gets minimal distance, however with the JG wins a pilot flying over distance.

    The debate to use JG, in Argentina, is whether this is fair, most cree que no lo es, preferring not to use JG => pilot in the minimum distance if part before start point.


    here in Argentina usually we have tasks with only few pilots in GOAL, then the distance points often predominates in the score. And for example in a pure distance task (without GOAL) the pilots that JTG are not penalized at all.
    We have a commission that is considering changes to local regulations, and we want to limit the tactical use of the JTG.


    Just to add, we believe it would be a good improvement to add another parameter to penalize the JTG by distance. Similar to the current “AJTG” parameter, but separated and that should be considered only when the pilot doesn’t reach the goal.
    We believe that the pilot who uses JTG has made a mistake and should be penalized always, discounting kms (no points, but kms) when the “speed points” = 0.

    And thank you very much for the effort and hard work being carried out. (at least to read and understand our posts) :))


    Hi Pablo,

    Now that 1.2.6 is out I will look into this a bit.
    In 1.2.6 there are a number of formulas to choose from and easy to make new formulas so we’ll see…


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