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    <p>Hi All<br />
    We have just finished the Laragne Comp and managed to use the FS package with gpsDump successfully. I did find the downloading a bit cumbersome, with 2 computers (and operators) and 10 cables, hence 10 instances of gpsDump in competition mode. I did find that I could only really manage 2 simultaneous downloads on any machine, whereas in compe we could often do 4. Competition mode is fantastic and really helps. Here are my comments on some tweaks to improve its speed, would you consider adding them?</p>
    <p>1. We had a lot of trouble with usb instruments and with Stein Sorensen’s advice (very fast response, thanks) the error did not appear when not in competition mode. The error occurred when asking the instrument for its id we believe. Would it be possible for an option to be in competition mode but manually enter the pilot number and not check the instrument id? Turning competition mode on and off is tricky when you are faced with a line of pilots, and having to manually save the igc and kml with name and number filenames is time-consuming.</p>
    <p>2. The confirmation to overwrite the current tracklog on every download is an extra click that seems redundant to me. Is there a way to add an option to disable this confirmation? Maybe just in comp mode?</p>
    <p>3. The confirmation of pilot number (we used compid) comes up after the waypoints are downloaded and before the track is downloaded. This means checking and confirming the pilot number, then coming back to the gpsdump instance after the track is downloaded; which with garmins can be some time later. At this point we then went to fsFlight to check the distance and write it down on the landing report card. Would it be better to have the confirmation after the waypoints and track are downloaded? This way you confirm the pilot number, which saves the track, and can immediately go to the fsFlight screen. Less navigating around multiple gpsDump instances.</p>
    <p>4. The save igc as well as kml is a great option. Is it possible to have it remember the on or off state when re-opening the program? At the moment the application always starts with this option disabled and it is easy to forget to check it.</p>
    <p>5. Durval’s front end (http://fs.fai.org/forum/topic/18) sounds good for integrating several instances of gpsdump, I would very much like to see it. I think if we had 6 instances of gpsdump open it would be good to tile them all on the screen. At the moment they are of fixed width and 3 height options and don’t tile easily. I don’t know how feasable this would be.</p>
    <p>All in all its a great job and I don’t want to sound too critical.</p>
    <p>Thanks in advance</p>
    <p>Mark Graham



    Hi Mark,
    The 4.23 Version of GpsDump allows in a command line to download both formats (igc and kml) you must download the version again Stein have fixed this( it was suposed to be working since 4.22 version )
    My new version of FsDump do that, you can put 1, 2, 3 .. n.. Gpsdump to work for you
    in one single window. ( i will do a .net 2.0 version in a few days ).




    1. I can make the default action for Garmins with USB to not download and check waypoints. This can be circumvented by ticking a menu item just below the one setting the competition mode.

    2. A bug. I have a flag to indicate if a track has been saved. The flag is not set after writing the file in competition mode.

    3. Not much work. I have tested it with my Competino and Garmin 12.

    4. Easily fixed.

    5. Making the width adjustable involves too many items. For the height I can move the buttons and status lines a bit up. The buttons can be squeezed a bit closer to each other and the smallest list option can be made even smaller. This way you might be able to put 6 instances on the desktop. What is the usual height (pixels) of today’s screens ?

    Stein S



    I have put a beta of version 4.24 on my homepage http://www.gethome.no/stein.sorensen/

    Issue 5 has not been handled.

    Stein S



    I have tested Henke’s FsDump” a little bit now with three gps devices (Garmin 76, XC-Trainer, IQCompeo+) at the same time.
    Seems the comunication with GpsDump is working pretty well, have had no errors so far.

    I think that is the key element in this, getting it to work without hickups with GpsDump.

    Had no chance to look at the code itself yet but I think we could integrate this into FsComp.
    Then all the stuff with folder to save logs, path to GpsDump, fsdb file etc. is already handled by FS.

    All that is left then which FsDump seems to do pretty well is setting no of devices to download from, doing the downloading via instances of GpsDump and showing information about the progress etc …

    Is going on vacation tomorrow (driving a campervan from Norway to Croatia) and will end up at the Nordic in Macedonia on the 18th.
    I hope to have something ready by then that we can test during that competition (if the organiser will let me…)




    I have just put out a new beta of version 4.24. Hopefully the bug when downloading tracks from Garmin USB in competition mode has been fixed. At least the error hasn’t occurred in several hundred attempts on my newly acquired eTrex Legend HCx. The bug seemed to be treating the download of product data, waypoints and finally the track log as separate sessions towards the GPS. Removing the “start new session” code before downloading the waypoints and track did the trick.

    Stein S



    This weekend(july 26-27) in a small compe i used the FSDump with success, but some bug appears in GPSDUMP, like downloading from competino(i have to download through COMPEGPS) and from digifly Leonardo ( Not FsDump BUG).

    With The new version of FSDump, you can Upload the Waypoints and COMPEID and imediately after that you can donwload the Log with flight.

    If you want the source code and release please send me a email.

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