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    <p>I just finished my first scoring with FS.</p>
    <p>I have problems with SS time calculation using FS V 1.2.12. The main problem is when the pilots cross the ss more times the FS uses the first crossing to calculate the SS time several times, however in FSflight there is the other crossings in the list of crossing SS. Other problem that sometimes the SS starts 120-150m earlyer (like the entry radius would be bigger by 120m) according to FSflight, sometimes it is correct. I found that if i use the "Turnpoint radius error margin" it effects the ss time. It is meanless, that should effect only the turnpoint radiuses. So i use 0% error margin but still the ss time is incorrect sometimes. There is correct and wrong calculation in the same task, so I’m sure all the settings are correct. I tried to use the version 1.1.4 to check and it calculates much better the ss time but sometimes at more crossings it uses the first one also. Of course I can create the right results by editing but it should work correctly, it’s much time to check all the tracklogs.</p>
    <p>I can send the compdata (1MB compressed) if you write me a mail address.</p>
    <p>I tried to import the boundary of the country as an airspace to FSflight (3400 points) but it cann’t handle so much points. It would be very helpful if it could. I live in a small country Hungary so i need to see where is the border exactly.</p>
    <p>Thanks in advance,</p>




    Here is an attempt to explain the “logic” of finding a valid trail:

    First all crossings of turnpoint cylinders are found which are within open/close periode of each turnpoint. A crossing is the point on the line between two tracklog points where it cross the cylinder wall, does not matter what direction.

    NOTE: With big tp radius and error margin, there will be several “crossings” as the cylinder wall may be several 100 meters thick (1000m in the case of tp with 100km radius and 0,5% errormargin) even if the pilot flies straight.

    Then we look at the last turnpoint where the pilot had any crossings and where all previous turnpoints also had at least one crossing.

    We start with the first crossing of this turnpoint and try to find the crossings of the all previous turnpoints which gives us the fastest valid trail back to the first tp.
    If we do not find a valid trail we repeate the process with the next crossing for this turnpoint …

    If the turnpoint does not have any crossings which will give a valid trail back to first tp we repeate the process with the previous tp …

    This means that for the set of turnpoints in the valid trail the first possible crossing for the last turnpoint is used and latest possible crossings is used for all the previous turnpoints.

    If the end of speedsection (ES) turnpoint is not the last turnpoint in the valid trail we find the first possible crossing for this turnpoint.

    This should give the fastest valid trail for the pilot.

    The general idéa is to find the last possible crossing of the SS turnpoint which leads to the first possible crossing of the ES turnpoint, hence giving the fastest valid trail between SS tp and ES tp.

    If the ES turnpoint has not been reached the actual crossing times are fairly irrellevant for scoring.



    From the above follows that,

    in the situation where the last turnpoint a pilot take is the SS turnpoint, the first crossing of that turnpoint is registered.

    This seems to be the case in one of the samples you sent me where you have 104km task with SS tp having 95km radius.

    All pilots take SS tp but not the next one.

    What time is registered for the SS tp is not relevant as long as the pilot never take the ES tp.

    If you try to widen the radius (to 15km) of the ES tp so that Feri reach it, you should see a different time for the SS tp.



    > in the situation where the last turnpoint a pilot take is the
    > SS turnpoint, the first crossing of that turnpoint is registered.

    In any case for the last turnpoint taken we use the first crossing (that gives a valid trail back).

    We then look at the remaining tracklog from this crossing to find the point on the log which gives the shortest distance to complete the rest of the task.

    If we used the remaining tracklog from the last crossing of the last turnpoint taken we would in some cases not get the shortest distance to complete the rest of the task.



    I see. The time calculation is really works well. True, if goal isn’t reached doesn’t matter the ss time at scoring, but even if the goal isn’t reached the startgate which was taken appears in the result list and some cases the wrong gate is shown. I know it has no effect to the results and not a big issue, I just noticed.

    What about airspace importing. Do you think it could be possible to import more data?

    Thank you for the quick reaction and for the help! I appreciate that.



    I know it is not relevant SS time when nobody reaches ES, but this time is supposed checked to validate the flight(if this crossing is between open/close periode),isn’t it?
    I have noticed, in the same task,some pilots showing SS time when they go INTO the cylinder of SP, but there are anothers showing the crossing time when they LEAVE the cylinder. Is there any explanation for this?
    Jose Luis Sogorb


    Going into a turnpoint circle or out of it does not make any difference.

    All that matters is crossing it.

    Regarding the two pilots mentioned in

    703-Navarro Gonzalez reached the 3rd turnpoint and as such the last crossing of tp 2 (that was before the first crossing of tp 3) is registered as the valid crossing of that as this gives the fastest time btw tp 2 and tp 3.

    705-Nuñez Alcon had tp 2 as the last turnpoint reached so the first crossing (inside the open periode of that turnpoint) is registered as the valid crossing.

    Note, that in the task-result the time of the first start gate prior to their valid crossing will show as start-time.


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