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    <p>Hello All.<br />
    I’m not a good programer and not a good English speaker.<br />
    I made a interface for calling GPSDUMP with arguments, it is not finished yet.<br />
    the link for downloading source code ( Visual studio 2008)<br /></p&gt;
    <p>If you think that this interface will be usefull drop me a line, if you think that you can improve the code, well let me hear about you, and please share the code.</p>
    <p>Thanks A lot<br />
    Durval Henke



    Very good idea Durval … greatly facilitate our work, integrates several gps in 1 single interface.
    TEST interface next week



    new SourceCode..
    Not finished yet



    Again New Source Code
    enabling Download / Upload / shutdown Garmin GPS
    You need visual studio 2008 or use the bindebugGpsDump2Fs.exe
    Not finished yet but functional.



    Hi Durval,

    Wanted to have a look but the link does not work now.




    Hi Stein, the link is ok.
    This weekend I use for the first time the FSCOMPE.
    I need to do a analise of tracklog with other software because of the flights clouds of two pilots.. UFA! I spend hours to do this.
    Someday i will try to write a pretencious code to analyse this kind of thing..

    I Have Finished the FsDump, cleaned the code, and now is fully functional. Used this weekend with success.. 50 gps downloaded in minus than 20 minutes..
    sometimes 1, sometimes 3 garmins and 2 Compeo at time.
    I have troubles for downloading with competino and Digifly Leonardo in both protocols options of gpsdump. Needed to use Other software to have tracklogs and upload waypoints.

    Other thing is to upload waypoints to Garmin and Flytec the command line for gpsdump is different, maybe i have misunderstood the command line.. please someone correct-me

    The source code is at
    Again, if you like the code, please drop me a line.
    If you improve the code, please share it..
    And if Stein think That the code can be used with fscompe, please Use it.. it is ours.
    I was thinking if possible to use this code with parts of fsfligth.

    Best Regards
    Durval Henke



    We’ve just been doing the comp in Laragne with 110 people. The scoring all went well but the downloads are definitely the bottleneck.
    I’ll start a new topic on my comments, but a way to download multiple GPSs in an integrated way is a very good idea. Can you activate the link again?




    The link is ok now..
    It is in .net 3.5 but you can do a new project in .net 2.0 and import the code

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