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    <p>There is a shortcoming in the IGC format:<br />
    It assumes a pilot cannot fly back in time (quite natural to think so).<br />
    However it seems quite a few GPS devices actually do record pilots doing so.<br />
    Some of these GPS devices will internally create an IGC file which is what GpsDump get when requesting the tracklog.<br />
    When this happends and the log is stored in IGC format it is assumed that the point going back in time from the prev. point is the next day.<br />
    Then when GpsDump stores this log to a file (as KML or IGC or whatever) it may be that part of the log is for the wrong day.</p>
    <p>This applies to GpsDump v 4.19 and earlier.</p>
    <p>In GpsDump 4.20 we will do the following:<br />
    If any point has a time that is earlier than the prev. point but less than 1 hour earlier it is assumed to be an error and the point is ignored.</p>

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