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    <p>Dear All,</p>
    <p>I must tell all of you, that:</p>
    <p>Fscompe, is a mature software, you can use it without worries.<br />
    GpsDump, A Nice Piece of softare, Great Stuff.<br />
    FsDump, a tool that all scorers need to have.</p>
    <p>Here in Brazil, at Governador Valadares, 150 pilots, all GPS Downloaded in 1Hour and half with GPSDUMP and FsDUMP, 12 , sometimes 20 GPS at time.</p>
    <p>We have here a lot of scorers, from Italy, EUA, Canada, Hungary, France that never have used the FSCOMPE, because they have problems downloading a lot of GPS with GPSDUMP, but when they have seen the FScompe, a Simple Interface to GPSDUMP. the sound produced by they mouth was: "AMAZING".</p>
    <p>Sorry i’m doing my own publicity..<br />
    Thank You Both "Stein"(s) "Erdal" and "Sorensen".</p>
    <p>Durval Henke<br />
    Brazil – Governador Valadares<br />


    Durval Hello .. I’m using your FSdump since September 2007, also in the last competition in March this year in Argentina as well.
    I think it is a great tool ..
    Delayed discharges in short time.

    Would be very interesting to incorporate the FS FSdump as the interface for downloading


    Yes Rafa, and when the download is finished the pilot must be scored on the task, and also a tool accessed through right button of the mouse to see the flight and sometimes indicating where the flight starts, because Garmins put some strange points on tracklog producing wrong results.


    Hello Durval, where I can find one copy of your fsdump?


    Oyvind Ellefsen

    The old link to FSDump does not work anymore, can you provide a new?

    Also we can put FSDump on this website if you want to share it?


    Hello People, im doing a new version, adding new features, like : download all Waypoints and Fsdump searches for COMPEID, CIVLID, OR PWCID, OR MYID OR the -ID first in order to find if the Pilot GPS are already downloaded, putting all Flights downloaded in a List at the right side of the pilot Name and ID.
    IN a few days i will put it for downloading, also sending the source code to all of you.
    if Oyvind can put the source code and release here for downloading is also Ok, send me a email..



    also interested of FSDump.



    The new version of FsDump is almost done, but before to release a version i need to know if i have permition to use the libraries of Fscompe. If possible, then the FsDump must reside at same place that FsCompe is.

    Durval Henke



    Just wondering if you are close to uploading this software. I would love to try it.

    Thanks in advance


    Hello All, who wants to give a try to FsDump please send me a request through e-mail.
    If you want the source code also inform in the email-body.

    This new version of FsDump ( Allways Beta ) you will have :

    Editing kml through GPSDUMP.

    Delete kml and IGC that allready have been downloaded

    Not a chance to double download the same Pilot ( with differents GPS or Same GPS )

    Download and store the GPS waypoints for future verification of mark enter points when the pilots see another pilot in clouds flight.

    Give you a list of downloaded flights through a list view ( in download mode )
    Putting in downloaded order, ID Order, CIVLID order, or Alphabetical Order.

    If the GPS does not have COMPID Fsdump requests you the Pilot COMPID and after that send the waypoints and COMPID again to the GPS..


    Durval Henke
    dlhenke at xcbrasil dot org
    Hope some day we can do Online Scoring..
    Hope some day Stein Have time to tell us how to do this.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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