How can I help with FS?

The FS software is made by pilots for pilots, we do need your help to keep making FS useful and relevant.

  • The most important is that you tell us what does not work, or functions you need and think should be part of FS. The best way to do this is to fill out a support ticket. You might want to look at the active tickets first. (Due to spam you need to be registered and signed in to be able to report, sorry for that but it takes 15 seconds to register)
  • If you can spare 5 minutes to update the documentation in the Wiki, please do so. If all users spend 5 minutes once a year doing this we will have excellent and up to date docs! Just sign in, and click edit page at the bottom of every Wiki page.
  • Be active in the forums, help others – You may receive some help in return!
  • Have fun, go fly, keep hang and paragliding alive so we can score future competitions.

10 Comments on “How can I help with FS?

  1. Hello ,

    Great job with the software , keep it alive !
    My name is Dorin Borodescu , and I am the competition officer for IHPA ,(the Irish guys )and I have a problem that i don’t have a clue how to work around !
    Last week at the AGM we talk how to encourage pilots to fly comps and not to feel intimidated by the high spec wings , and as well to give them a good feeling of flying safe wings !
    So we vote for a “handicap system ” . We vote that EN A will get +10 % , EN B will be 0 , EN C will get -10 %, EN D will get -20% . So pilots will have on their scoring + or – , depends on the wings that they flying !Like that pilots will get equal chances ! All good …but that came to me know and I DON’T KNOW HOW TO SORT THIS OUT , and in less than one month will have the Irish open ( a small comp but important for Ireland ).
    PLEASE , can you help me with directions on this matter !?

    Fly high in LIFE … in HEART !

  2. Hi Dorin

    Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

    Right now FS does not support a handicap system. But of course if it’s linear, as you propose, you can easily simulate it with some manual labor, using the penalty feature. That allows you to individually deduct or add a percentage of their score to each pilot. But you’ll have to go through pilot list for each task and do it according to the pilot’s wing.

    If you follow through with this, it would be great to hear back about your experience, especially on how pilots reacted to it. There have been several attempts in the past to implement such a handicap system, most prominently at the Ozone Chabre Open – and they were all abandoned eventually due to lack of pilot acceptance.

    All the best

  3. Thank you , i will work with it before the comp to see how it is working ! If it is , a life saver !!!
    I’ll keep you informed after the comp ! This year will have this system as was voted at the AGM , and we want to encourage people to come to comps , regardless of the wing ! The EN D guys ,saw their advantage of o “HOT wing” vanished ….we try to put the fun factor back on flying comps !


  4. Hi.

    First of all, thanks for your job.

    Just a question, is FS still alive?, are you developing the software?
    If so, I could help with translation to spanish, if needed (yes, I know, it’s a bt late, but better late than never).

    I heard, months ago, FAI was promoting a new scoring software.

    • Hi,

      It’s still beeing developed, Joerg just released the latest version. He might be able to answer how you can help with translations.

      The new scoring software has taken some time to become available, not sure what the status is at the moment.

    • Hi Alan

      Unfortunately, FS does not offer a clean interface that would allow external developers to create their own formula. If you’re interested in taking a look at the code, write to me at joerg dot ewald at volirium dot com. I’ll need your github account name to give you read access to the repository.


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