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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#221 Find the "walking pilot" assigned enhancement critical FsFlight
#120 Option to assign score (points) for a task directly overriding the scoring formula assigned enhancement major FsComp
#206 Airspace not loaded correctly assigned defect major FsFlight
#212 Wrong Formula in Task Statistics assigned defect major FsComp
#223 Automatic task scoring assigned enhancement major FsComp
#229 Same note or penalty to multiple pilot assigned enhancement major FsComp
#248 Elapsed time tasks, SS close time is linked to previous TP close time. Needs to be independent assigned defect major FsComp
#250 Altitude check/display at SS cylinder crossing new enhancement major FsComp
#268 Drag&Drop for track import new enhancement major FsComp
#272 Use Resharper to put classes in their own files if possible. new defect major FsComp
#273 Don't use late binding for scoring formulas new defect major FsComp
#274 Abstract away that the data is stored as XML. new defect major 2014 FsComp
#284 Automatic airspace check new enhancement major 2014 FsComp
#312 Task results template: Give absolute altitude new defect major FsComp
#313 Task result template: Give distance to turnpoint for CESS crossing new defect major FsComp
#328 Use QNH for airspace checks new enhancement major 2015 R1 FsComp
#333 Error in 3166-a3 code new defect major FsComp
#335 Show penalty for "jumping the gun" by more than the allowed time assigned defect major FsComp
#336 Leagueresults, not count each third poorest task new question major 2015 R2 FsComp
#340 Barometric Altitude new question major 2015 R2.1 FsFlight
#364 Add experimental formula with "Real leading points" new enhancement major 2018 R1.1 FsComp
#387 Improve crossing point calculation new task major FsComp
#391 Installer: Uninstall previous versions assigned enhancement major FsComp
#398 Elapsed time tasks with start as first TP use first start time instead of last new defect major FsComp
#401 FTV considers cancelled tasks assigned defect major 2020 R1.11 FsComp
#402 Task winner's points can be 1000.1 new defect major 2020 R1.11 FsComp
#403 Rounding error in task results new defect major 2020 R1.11 FsComp
#11 Mark task as "dirty" with * in task-list assigned enhancement minor FsComp
#27 Tracklog report, with links to the tracklog files. assigned enhancement minor FsComp
#33 Edit field in pilot list for several pilots in one operation assigned enhancement minor FsComp
#39 Open waypoints file from current comp folder if there is one there assigned enhancement minor FsComp
#100 When using goal line, show it in task result report assigned enhancement minor FsComp
#175 Task "tpA 400m" to "tpA 4000m" to "tpB 400m" which is inside "tpA 4000m" circle does not work assigned defect minor FsComp
#183 FS logo or reference in reports assigned enhancement minor FsComp
#188 Manually setting points, should not influence DQ or LC as if the pilot flew. assigned enhancement minor FsComp
#195 Show turnpoint in Google Earth assigned enhancement minor FsComp
#205 Right click in task view assigned defect minor FsComp
#208 Drop down list for filling "Brand and Model" field assigned enhancement minor FsComp
#217 Set default results template for all the competition assigned enhancement minor FsComp
#226 Wrong tool tip in ground start option assigned defect minor FsComp
#231 Index out of bounds exception when ESS is not last or second to last turn point assigned defect minor FsComp
#275 Task results template for GAP 2014 EVAL: clock time for ESS in UTC new defect minor FsComp
#282 paragliding accuracy assigned enhancement minor 2014 FsComp
#283 Pilot import for google docs spreadsheet new enhancement minor 2014 FsComp
#332 Duplicate CIVL ids new enhancement minor FsComp
#209 faq documentation issue, list of FAI ISO codes not valid assigned enhancement trivial Other
#270 Move and rename projects, use default output directories. new task trivial FsComp
#271 Apply Resharper's clean up code. new task trivial FsComp
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