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Ticket Summary Status Type Priority Milestone Component
#236 Options information saved in fsdb file new defect critical FsComp
#238 Waypoint list report new enhancement critical FsComp
#8 New tasktypes: Open Distance - 2, 3, 4, 5 points new enhancement major FsComp
#20 "Leading to turnpoint" bonus assigned enhancement major FsComp
#203 JTG, unwanted situation new enhancement major FsComp
#227 Google maps in FS Flight new enhancement major FsFlight
#228 Started SS in race competitions new enhancement major FsComp
#237 Task view interface suggestions new enhancement major FsComp
#239 Keyboard shortcut for results new enhancement major FsComp
#240 No of partecipant not updated new defect major FsComp
#241 Windows file association .fsdb new defect major FsComp
#242 More than one pilot delete new defect major FsComp
#243 Suggestion to change menu bar new defect major FsComp
#251 Correct distance measurement if goal outside of ESS new defect major FsComp
#254 Scoring with "Handicap System" new question major FsComp
#12 Task map improvements new enhancement minor FsComp
#118 Cats cradle task type new enhancement minor FsComp
#220 Visual aid for track analysis new enhancement minor FsFlight
#235 Tracklog folder setting new enhancement minor FsComp
#244 Suggestion to change menu bar new enhancement minor FsComp
#246 Import pilot list from CSV file new enhancement minor FsComp
#252 Score pilots real time new question minor FsComp
#245 Edit pilot info from view task new enhancement trivial FsComp
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