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Bad distance calculations on Minimum distance

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It seems that the software does not take into account the Radii for the task distance calculations, and that´s ok for the turnpoints and also for the speed section, but it´s quite wrong if you substract the start cylinder radii when it´s an exit cylinder around take off.

I nottice this issue looking at the tracks on Santa Cruz Flat Lands as some pilots. The minimum distance for my test was set to 8 km (don´t know what was the minimum distance on the actual meet scoring), and all the days we had an exit start cylinder with 8 km distance radii, meaning that if you got the start you have beaten up the minimum distance for the day. This distance that you get to fly before the actual start of the race should count as flying distance for giving you distance score as it´s quite difficult on some days to even get out of the start circle.

Now, the software is showing that a pilot that flew 7 km past the start cylinder would have only 7 km of scoring distance even when he actually flew 8 km inside the cylinder and 7 outside for a total of 15 km. As the minimum distance is set to 8 km, then a pilot landing right in the paddoc, flying only 1 or 2 km before turning back, staying inside the start cylinder, will score the same as this pilot that actually flew 15 km.

This is definetly a big problem and could represent a big deal on some task.

As an example, we have designed a task for our hang gliding nationals that actually acts like a learning task. Its a 70 km task that has the start cylinder in the middle of it, at 35 km, and it´s an entry start around the goal. This way the first 35 km would be slow and nobody needs to race, so the better pilots can lead and help the not so good pilots all the way into the start cylinder, where the race really start. Doing this, one allows a nice competition teaching, assures that nobody would be flying hard or landing unnecesary on the first half, so the pilots can cover more distance without making too agresive decisions nor flying. Once on the middle of the task the race starts and the fast pilots would break apart. If you do this task with the software working like today, then even after flying for 35 km, you won´t get any distance.

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Not a defect, a feature ;-)

It is expected that a task starts from a point, ie. all pilots flying the task must take off (or start the task) from the same area. We normally set this area to a 400m radius around take off (or in the case of a large towing area maybe a larger radius to cover the area).

In the all the tasks in the FS version of Santa Cruz Flatlands the first turnpoint in the task is a cylinder with 8000 meters radius which is also the SS turnpoint.

Here the first turnpoint should have been defined with a radius just big enough to cover the take off/towing area.

Note: there is an option (under Tools>Options menu) to ignore missing tracklog points inside first turnpoint. This is because we've found that pilots (at least in the past) often do not have their GPS turned on early enough before launching to record any proper track from take off.


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So for a Elapsed time task as described by Daniel above you could define the task like this:

 1    0,0km    ANT056 (400 ...
 2   24,6km SS ANT056 (25000 ...
 3   54,3km ES AZF050 (400 ...


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So for distance calculations one should always put the take off as the first turnpoint, with a small radius.

On Santa Cruz probably it was my mistake trying to interpolate the scoring using the start gate as the first turnpoint. I´m gonna give it a new approach trying to place the first turnpoint as the start to see if I can get it right this time.

The only issue is that we did not actually have a turnpoint in the towing field as the towing field was almost 800 mts away from the turnpoint, so i should probably use a 1k takeoff.

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