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Pilots not getting min distance

Reported by: jevtocayo Owned by: Stein Tore Erdal
Priority: major Milestone: 1.2.13
Component: FsComp Version: 1.2.12
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Just scored a competition and on a particular task do have 18 pilots from which 6 were ABS, 6 DNF and 6 are bellow min distance. Software scores cero for the task and on the summary results pilots got 0.0 km distance where it should show 4km (our min distance setting).

This issue became kind of tricky as there are pilots which did not fly and others than actually did, so even scoring minimum points can change position in the cummulative scores.

Thanks in advance.

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comment:1 Changed 12 years ago by Stein Tore Erdal

Keywords: GAP added
Milestone: 1.2.13
Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed
Version: 1.2.12

The 0 score for all is probably correct according to original GAP formula.

If you look at the distance_validity at the bottom of the task report it probably says 0 and day_quality would then also be 0 meaning the score for all pilots would be 0 as well.

The distance validity is based on the distance flown over the min. distance. When sum distance over min distance is 0 then distance validity is 0 as well.

Here is the actual formula for distance validity:

      double dv_raw
        = sum_dist_over_min_dist
          / 2.0
            (nom_goal + 1.0) * (nom_dist - min_dist)
            + nom_goal * (best_dist - nom_dist)
      if (dv_raw > 1 || dv_raw < 0) dv_raw = 1;
      return dv_raw;

For clarity the task report should probably show the awarded distance (min dist or actual distance if more) even though it leads to 0 points in the case when no one flew over min dist.

This is done in GAP2008 (in FS 1.2.13).


comment:2 Changed 12 years ago by jevtocayo

Thanks for your response, thant exactly the case

comment:3 Changed 12 years ago by Stein Tore Erdal

In FS 1.2.13 one can set day quality directly, overriding the calc. day quality.

So in the case above, one could for example have rule saying that min. day quality should 0.01. This would give everyone jumping of 10 points. DNFs would get 0.


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