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GAP distance and time

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Hello, In a task with 4 waypoint. I found a possible error.

Task example: B1: 0km takeoff B2: 15 km SSS B3: 30 km SSE 45 km goal B4

GAP parameters: Nominal time: 1.5 h Nominal Distance 20 km

The task is devalued. I think the time is measured only nominal distance between SSS and ESS, when it should be measured between LAUNCH and GOAL

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The time in GAP is measured between SS and ES, that is the time portion of the task. This is normal, and correct. But setting 1,5H nominal time seems quite high for a 20 km task, so that may be the reason why your task is devaluated. How fast did your fastest pilot fly?

If you still think there is a problem, please attach FSDB and results to this ticket.

  • Oyvind

comment:2 Changed 10 years ago by rafalopez

Hello, Oyvind. I know how GAP works is to Setting Up NOM. DIST and NOM. TIME, I can make the task does not degrade. However in my particular case I'm not allowed to change these parameters at values ​​less than or within the same competition (the general regulation of competence)

That is why I believe that comparing the distance flown between SSS-ESS is not real, since the pilots have flown more time and distance, which could be compared with NOM. DIST and NOM. TIME. I was wondering if the formula GAP is properly used by not considering that there may be tasks where speed is considerablemnte section less than the actual distance of the task and the Real flight time the pilot to use as reference.

comment:3 Changed 10 years ago by rafalopez

I'm afraid I'm not happy with your answer .. According to the document describing the formula FAI GAP2002. Nominal distance should be measured from the takeoff. The original explanation of the formula GAP2002 not say that these parameters be measured between SSS and ESS. You should know this document.

NominalDistance??: the minimum task distance that should be worth 1000 points. (In the Alps, for hang gliding competition is suggested 50-70 km, for paragliding 30-50 km). If a task distance is less than NominalDistance??, the day will be probably devalued. There is no penalty for a task that is longer than NominalDistance?? as long as the task results in an even distribution of the pilots along the course. There would also be no penalty if the NominalDistance?? parameter was set shorter, as long as it would take a reasonable length of time for the pilots to fly this distance. What constitutes a "reasonable length of time" is explained further down the page.

NominalTime??: equivalent in time to NominalDistance??. It is the fastest elapsed time, below which the task should be devalued. It can be considered as the time necessary for the fastest pilot to fly the NominalDistance??. (In the Alps for National competitions, it is generally suggested at least 2 hours). There is no penalty for having the fastest pilot take longer to complete the task.

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Please close the ticket. made a mistake, we apologize for the inconvenience

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