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Index out of bounds exception when ESS is not last or second to last turn point

Reported by: freitag Owned by: Joerg Ewald
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If there is more than one turnpoint (goal) after ESS, and a pilot reaches ESS, but not goal, FS produces an "Index out of bounds" Exception when processing that pilot's track.

Stein-Tore already has a fix for this, he asked me to file it as a ticket to keep the process going.

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Fixed, needs testing.

comment:3 Changed 9 years ago by freitag

Tested with the original competition, and with tasks that have even more turn points after ESS - works fine.

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We've a problem with the results of the latest Placivel/Venezuela? competition run last december, and we're urged to solve it, civl and pwca are waiting for them !

We're using FS version (the last one) and for us, the problem apparently solved by Stein-Tore in ticket #231 still remains for us.

In task 3 originally we have:

... ESS B2 1000

B11 2000

GOAL B2 400

That means the task included a turnpoint between the ESS and the GOAL, other that the ESS and GOAL turnpoints.

Some tracks give an out of range index error.

We've tested some variations of the task in order to understand the error:

0) the original task ... ESS B2 1000

B11 2000

GOAL B2 400

1) test 1 .... ESS B2 1000 GOAL B11 2000

2) test 2 .... ESS B2 1000 GOAL B2 400

We have run the 3 test cases and the results (we include only the case of 2 pilots but others are involved) are as follows:

Pilot # 30 in 0) has an index out of range error, but in test cases 1) and 2) he has no problem and the goal is achieved.

Pilot # 42 in 0) has an index out of range error, in test case 1) has no problem, but in test case 2) has an index out of range error.

In the ticket #231 someone reported this kind of error, and is congruent with the case of pilot # 30 (if the intermediate turnpoint is eliminated, no error is produced).

Nevertheless it is not the case with pilot # 42, for which the error is present (or not) depending on which turnpoint is eliminated.

The error is also affected changing the close time of the turnpoints.

I hope this will help to further understand and solve the issue.

Please feel free to contact us if you need more information.

Find here attached a .rar with with the error screen capture, the FS db file, all the .kml tracks, and the turnpoints file .wpt, in order you can mount the whole task and make the tests.

Thank you in advance

Best regards

Pablo Lischinsky

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