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New way to allocate Distance points

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In line with the ticket about "leading to turnpoint", I want to expose my idea about a better allocation of distance points.

Distance points today are allocated half linearly, and the other half in relation to the landing place of other pilots. Sometimes this might look a bit unfair, because it is not the same to fly some kms more than other pilots if you go into the wind than if you do it downwind.

So the idea is basically to allocate distance points in relationship with the difficulty to attain each km. So a couple of extra kms will be greatly valued in strong headwind legs, but probably make little difference in downwind legs. Distance points will be directly related to "time in the air" spent in each leg.

In the same way the leading bonus uses all tracks to calculate leadership, we can use all tracks to calculate "average partial times" in each leg. And then we can assign the value of each km directly related to that value.


An out and return race to goal of 50 km (SP - TP1 - Goal same as SP). The first leg is downwind and the return is headwind. Lets suposse the average speed of pilots completing the task is 21 km/h (in average they take 2 hours and 23 minutes), BUT they have an average speed of 35 km/hr in the first leg (in average they take 43 minutes),and 15 km/hr in the last leg (1 hour 40 minutes). So if the formula calls for 700 distance points for reaching goal, the allocation will be of approx. 210 distance points for the first leg (8.4 points per km)and 490 distance points for the second leg (19.6 points per km). The resulting points is the proportional weight of each leg related to time in the air spent in each.

43/143 x 700 and 100/143 x 700 (143 is average total time)

"avg. leg time"/"avg. total time" x "total distance points" = points for the leg

points for the leg / kms in the leg = points per km in that leg

I hope you like the idea and comments or doubts are welcome saludos eduardo

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