Oct 6, 2012:

10:52 AM GAP2011 created by Øyvind Ellefsen
10:40 AM ScoringFormulas edited by Øyvind Ellefsen
Added link to GAP2011 (diff)

Sep 27, 2012:

1:04 PM Ticket #250 (Altitude check/display at SS cylinder crossing) created by Øyvind Ellefsen
(Related to Ticket #161) We need a check and display of altitude for …

Sep 25, 2012:

9:23 PM Ticket #249 (Wrong tooltip for "Groundstart in task setup) closed by Øyvind Ellefsen
12:44 AM Ticket #249 (Wrong tooltip for "Groundstart in task setup) created by Øyvind Ellefsen
The tooltip for Grundstart is the same as for Goal-line. See included …

Sep 24, 2012:

2:41 PM Ticket #248 (Elapsed time tasks, SS close time is linked to previous TP close time. ...) created by Øyvind Ellefsen
When setting up an Elapsed time task it must be possible to set the SS …
2:13 PM Ticket #247 (Nominal time field in minutes) created by Øyvind Ellefsen
The NominalTime? field in GAP setup needs a explanation and/or tooltip …

Sep 22, 2012:

12:00 AM Milestone 1.3.4 completed
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