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Current Version

Install (FS version 1.1.1)

Either choose to save the file somewhere and then run it (normally works), or choose to "Run" or "Open" it directly (may or may not work - depends on browser and security settings etc...).

You can also choose to download the zip file of a specific version, then it is just to unzip the content to a folder you choose (no further installation required).

Pre-release of FS version 1.2 (NEW 2008-02-19)

Major change with regards to scoring formulas:

  • Possible to select different scoring formula dlls
  • Select scoring formula (dll) when creating/editing competition (will be default for all new tasks)
  • Option to select/edit scoring formula when creating/editing task
  • Interface for creating own scoring formula dlls (in FsSf.dll)

Also got all changes mentioned in tickets with milestone 1.2 that was closed prior to 2008-02-19T00:01+01:00

Note: use at own risk, pls let us know if there are bugs (use the ticket system).

FS Versions

FS version 1.1.1 - resolved tickets: #15, #24, #25, #26, #30, #35, #38, #41

FS version 1.1 - resolved tickets: #17

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