FS 2013

Released 2013-06-17.

Full installer - FS2013-Setup.exe

Legacy scoring formula pack - FS2013LFP-Setup.exe

ZIP file without installer -

Changes since 1.3.4:

  • Event view: Select whether competition is hang gliding or paragliding - affects presets of GAP technical parameters
  • Formula picker: Enable double click to select a formula
  • Formula editor: Separate GAP parameters from technical, "advanced" parameters, in two screens. Allow pre-setting the technical parameters for GAP2000, OzGAP2005 or GAP2013, and also for PG or HG comps.
  • Implemented GAP2013 formula. Just for naming consitency, no changes since 2012.
  • Implemented PWC2013 formula. Difference to GAP2013: Launch validity; distance points are awarded linearly, no more difficulty evaluation; stopped tasks with fixed score-back time; stopped-task-validity; in stopped tasks, pilots between ESS and goal are scored for complete flight; in stopped tasks time-points for pilots making goal are reduced by the amount of points a pilot would have gotten if he'd crossed ESS at exactly the stop time; if goal and ESS are identical, calculate and award altitude arrival points.
  • Task view: Double Click on Task to edit task.
  • Task view: Enabled user ordering of task participant columns
  • Task view: Enabled user width change of task participant columns
  • Task view: Added the following columns to Task Participants list: Speed (populated for pilots who have finished SS), Distance Points, Time Points, Arrival Points, Departure Points, Leading Points, Total Points Rank
  • Task edit view: Moved goal altitude, is now always enabled, gets pre-populated if last turnpoint follows the NNNAAA format
  • Task edit view: Depending on formula, score-back-time can be pre-populated and is not editable in that case. E.g. PWC2013 sets this to a fixed 5 minutes (as opposed to GAP).
  • Flight view: Fix bug in flight information output (wrong information displayed, bad formatting)
  • Update GpsDump to version 4.76

Additionally, the FS installer contains only the most recent versions of both CIVL's and the PWCA's official scoring formulas: GAP2013 and PWC2013. Older formula versions are available in the FS Legacy Formula Pack:

Latest GPSDump can always be found here:

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