Released 2013-08-25.

Full installer - FS2013R2-Setup.exe

Legacy scoring formula pack - FS2013R2LFP-Setup.exe

ZIP file without installer -

Changes since FS 2013:

open distance tasks: 1:3.4
race to anywhere 1:3:4
Team scoring: More general solution
Edit Pilot: Nation lost during after CIVL DB lookup
Pilots who don't reach SSS always get minimum distance
Pilot A reaches turnpoint, pilot B not, but distance of A < distance of B
Pilot scored for wrong position
Manually setting pilot to DF: Max Altitude given as -32xxx
Open distance tasks: Manually setting pilot to "DF" gives an error
Error message when editing existing task or when adding turnpoint to a new task
Enable IGC track import
Make results row marking (hover) work in Internet Explorer in all cases

As with FS 2013, the FS installer contains only the most recent versions of both CIVL's and the PWCA's official scoring formulas: GAP2013 and PWC2013. Older formula versions are available in the FS Legacy Formula Pack:

The latest GPSDump can always be found here: ​

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