FS 2018 R1.3

Released 2018-08-15.

Full installer - FS2018R1.3-Setup.exe

Legacy scoring formula pack - FS2018R1.3-LFP-Setup.exe

ZIP file without installer -

Changes since FS 2018 R1.1:

OpenAir in FsFlight: Semi circles drawn wrong

  • correct bug in team results template, showing task distance again correctly
  • changed way how logos are integrated in result sheets, to make it easier for organizers to publish them correctly
  • fixed a bug in the GAP formula implementation: leading weight was calculated as if a pilot had reached goal if at least one pilot reached ESS. Now the increased leading weight is used also for the case where one or more pilots reach ESS, but none reach goal.
  • Update GpsDump to version 5.22

The FS installer contains only the most recent versions of both CIVL's and the PWCA's official scoring formulas: GAP2018 and PWC2016 (PWCA2018 is in preparation). Older formula versions are available in the FS Legacy Formula Pack:

Also check out the page about GpsDump.

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