FS 2019 R1.2

Released 2019-09-02.

Full installer - FS2019R1.2-Setup.exe

Legacy scoring formula pack - FS2019R1.2-LFP-Setup.exe

ZIP file without installer -

Changes since FS 2019 R1.1:

  • Default leading weight factor 1 for all comps except FAI Category 1
  • Correct grandfathering-in of comps with older GAP or PWC formulas
  • Fix problem with pilots manually set to DF
  • Correct FTV validity for PWC formulas
  • Correct bug where results were lost when importing task from second FSDB
  • Correct bug in PWC scoring formulas where results gave "NaN" for pilots who reached ESS before first pilot who reached ESS and then also goal
  • Update GpsDump to version 5.34

The FS installer contains only the most recent versions of both CIVL's and the PWCA's official scoring formulas: GAP2018 and PWC2017. Older formula versions are available in the FS Legacy Formula Pack:

Also check out the page about GpsDump.

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