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FS 2020 R1.2

Released 2020-06-16.

New in FS 2020: Introducing separate category scoring

Full installer - FS2020R1.2-Setup.exe

Legacy scoring formula pack - FS2020R1.2-LFP-Setup.exe

ZIP file without installer -

Changes since FS 2020 R1.1:

Detect re-start after taking first turnpoint
GAP 2020: Remove final glide decelerators
GAP 2020: No more prescribed turnpoint direction (including start)
GAP 2020: clarify task distance calculation
GAP 2020: Use constant leading weight for paragliding
GAP 2020: Task results are given with one decimal point, only round once when calculating competition results
GAP 2020: Adopt the PWCA’s leading points calculation for paragliding
GAP 2020: Adopt the PWCA’s time points calculation for paragliding and hang-gliding
GAP 2020: Minimum time for stopped tasks depends on nominal time
GAP 2020: In stopped tasks, redistribute removed time points as distance points
GAP 2020: In FTV, use best score for FTV validty
Include FTV and team results in FSDB file
Category scoring as independent competition scoring instead of filter
Exception when using shortcut link to file that has been removed
FsFlight grabs focus whenever mouse is moved over map window
Task map: Show cylinders based on WGS84, not UTM
Wrong crossing times if SS is first TP
Task results: Include QNH setting in task statistics
Uninstaller does not fully clean up

  • Fix a bug in the task and speed section distance calcualation that lead to wrong speed section distances
  • Fix a bug in pilot distance calculation that could lead to wrong results in tasks with multiple start gates

The FS installer contains only the most recent versions of both CIVL's and the PWCA's official scoring formulas: GAP2020 and PWC2019. Older formula versions are available in the FS Legacy Formula Pack:

Also check out the page about GpsDump.

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