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FS version 1.1.1


Released: 2008-02-18

Minor fixes to FS version 1.1. No new functionality.

Tickets #26 and #35 corrected issues that could affect scoring in special cases.

Tickets resolved in this version

IGC -> KML conversion is much improved
Use local time for tracklog point info in task map window
Include list of params used at the bottom of the report when creating it
Team report fails when a counting member of team has 0 points
Wrong Tooltip for "Scoring parameters: GAP" in Task Definition dlg
GAP: Multiple startgates + "Use Departure Points" compress the spread of departure points
Tooltip for "Open waypoints file" in Task Definition dialog had wrong text
Improved Participants.xlt for import of pilots from Excel

Tickets resolved for version 1.2

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Open tickets targeted for version 1.2

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Other open tickets

New tasktypes: Open Distance - 2, 3, 4, 5 points
Mark task as "dirty" with * in task-list
Task map improvements
"Leading to turnpoint" bonus
Edit field in pilot list for several pilots in one operation
Open waypoints file from current comp folder if there is one there

Tickets targeted for this version but not resolved

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