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FS version 1.1


Released: 2008-01-28

First offical release of FS.

The main program in FS is FsComp.

We consider version 1.1 stable enough to use in competitions and it has all basic features needed to run a competition.

Together with GpsDump it is a total replacement for both RACE and CompeGps.

FsComp will check for new versions every time you start it if you have an active internet connection. This means you will be notified of bug-fixes and new features, and get the option to upgrade.

.fsdb files created with test-versions (pre 1.1) might not be read correctly by current version of FS. The current test cases (updated 2008-01-28) in DemoData where all created with various earlier test versions but has all been opened and tested again with FS 1.1 so they should work as intended. If anyone has any old .fsdb files they need to get working with current version of FS, they can contact us and we will convert it if needed.

FS 1.1 also includes FsFlight This program is still in a test&developement fase and may undergo significant changes before an official version is released.

Open and closed tickets for version 1.1

(closed means the issue has been dealt with and any changes will be in effect for next planned version).

Setting penalty breaks scoring
"Tracklog folder:" field gives error when one leave it and it is empty in obscure cases
Wrong task-type when reading some old fsdb files (pre 2008)
Unused empty read only text field next to "Tasks:" list
Help in FS menu should have a link to the fs-wiki pages.
Improve "new version info"
New tasktypes: Open Distance - 2, 3, 4, 5 points
Compettion view not updated when edited
Needs add/del buttons in task setup window
Mark task as "dirty" with * in task-list
Task map improvements
Search for CIVL ID in participant details - invalid col name 'sname'
Task Definition - tab order
IGC -> KML conversion is much improved
Time validity should be based on speed of second fastest pilot
Option to drop one or more tasks from total score.
GpsDump geo wpt file from RACE db or CompeGPS wpt file.
Task def dlg - reading wpt file, some wpts may not be read
"Leading to turnpoint" bonus
Record time of tracklog point used for distance calc when pilot did not reach last tp
Scoring - PWC2007, GAP2000, GAP2002, OZGAP2005 ...
Use local time for tracklog point info in task map window
Include list of params used at the bottom of the report when creating it
Team report fails when a counting member of team has 0 points
Distances shown for task is different in Task dialog compared to task report and Tasks list
Wrong Tooltip for "Scoring parameters: GAP" in Task Definition dlg
% of time points given if reached ES (end of speedssection) but not goal
Edit field in pilot list for several pilots in one operation
GAP: Multiple startgates + "Use Departure Points" compress the spread of departure points
Task: possible to add tp with open time before prev. tp.
Tooltip for "Open waypoints file" in Task Definition dialog had wrong text
Open waypoints file from current comp folder if there is one there
Startgate time does not update when changing UTC offset in task window
Airspace violations
"feature" in GAP2007 punish the guy landing just short if many pilots in goal
Pilot less than 100m from goal but not in do get status as reaching goal in som special cases