FS Installer beta (FS

Released 2011-03-31.

Download link: FS-Setup-


No changes to FS itself, this is a test release for the new FS Windows installer. Please test and report if you have problems installing the program. FS will now be installed by default in \Program files\FS and it will create a FSData folder in the users Documents folder.

GPSDump is also packed in the installer.

FS version

Released 2009-11-10.



Utc offset +/- 13 hours (ticket #201), Elapsed time "Groundstart" (ticket #199).

Changed files: FsComp.exe & FsUtil?.dll.

Latest GPSDump can always be found here:

FS version

Released 2009-09-07.


Only change is in FsSfGAP.dll in response to ticket #198

FS version 1.2.13


Released 2009-06-09. Updated 2009-07-27.

Some of the new features here (TODO: make a much better overview of features...):

  • FsComp now uses FsFlight directly to display tasks and tracklogs. Great when you have two monitors, sometimes annoying when only having one.
  • "Live" view of task as you define it (remember to position the map window so you can see it).
  • Click on a pilot in the "Task participants" list and see the tracklog in the map window.
  • Right-click on a tracklog file in the Tracklogs list and you can focus on the tracklog or open it (.kml files might be opened in Google Earth if installed, .igc in your std. text editor or whatnot ...).
  • Improved check of airspace violations: Tools > Check tracklogs vs Airspaces will place a * in front of each tracklog where baro or gps altitude breach the limits.
  • Airspace: Handles polygons and circles and arcs (Only DB ... lines, not DA ... lines).
  • Note: There are stuff inside airspace files it may not handle. One notable thing is AGL. FS does not know ground level!!
  • Now reads both GpsDump kml files and IGC files.
  • Note: it is not making any attempt at checking the validity of IGC files, it simply grabs all B records (and any HFDTE records to try to work out the times...).
  • Note: filenames must end with "[pilot no].kml" or "[pilot no].igc" (case does not matter). This is (some of) the actual code:
       string[] track_file_parts = tracklog_filename.Split(new char[] { '.' }, StringSplitOptions.None);
       string comp_pilot_id = track_file_parts[track_file_parts.Length - 2];
       int id = 0;
       if (int.TryParse(comp_pilot_id, out id)) return id.ToString();
       else return "";

So "5.kml", "0005.kml" and "Hans.0005.kml" works. "Hans0005.kml" would not work.

  • Older GAP scoring formulas. Not included anymore. GAP2008 does all that the old ones did but more "correct" (ie more in keeping with the spirit of GAP).
    If you really need one of the old formulas (with whatever bugs or unintended features) just download the previous version of FS and copy the scoring formula dll to the folder with FS 1.2.13.

They includes the fsdb with participants and tasks, waypoint list and all tracklogs and has been scored with FS's version of PWC2009 scoring formula.
In the zips is also a spreadsheet with a comparison btw FS and CompCheck? which the PWCA uses.

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