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FS version 1.2.13

Test version: Last updated 2009-05-29 13:40.

An official release is due soon unless something major wrong is reported with the test version.

Will try to list some of the new features here.

  • New "map" display of tasks and tracklogs. Great when you have two monitors, sometimes annoying when only having one.
  • "Live" view of task as you define it (remember to position the map window so you can see it).
  • Click on a pilot in the "Task participants" list and see the tracklog in the map window. Ie no longer needed to open FsFlight to see tracklogs in a comp.
  • Now reads both GpsDump kml files and IGC files.
  • Note: it is not making any attempt at checking the validity of IGC files, it simply grabs all B records (and any HFDTE records to try to work out the times...).
  • Note: filenames must end with "[pilot no].kml" or "[pilot no].igc" (case does not matter). This is (some of) the actual code:

` .

string[] track_file_parts = tracklog_filename.Split(new char[] { '.' }, StringSplitOptions?.None); string comp_pilot_id = track_file_parts[track_file_parts.Length - 2]; int id = 0; if (int.TryParse?(comp_pilot_id, out id)) return id.ToString?(); else return "";


So "5.kml", "0005.kml" and "Hans.0005.kml" works. "Hans0005.kml" would not work.

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