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FS version 1.2.13

Test version: Last updated 2009-05-29 13:40.

An official release is due soon unless something major wrong is reported with the test version.

Will try to list some of the new features here:

  • Using FsFlight directly to display tasks and tracklogs. Great when you have two monitors, sometimes annoying when only having one.
  • "Live" view of task as you define it (remember to position the map window so you can see it).
  • Click on a pilot in the "Task participants" list and see the tracklog in the map window.
  • Right-click on a tracklog file in the Tracklogs list and you can focus on the tracklog or open it (.kml files might be opened in Google Earth if installed, .igc in your std. text editor or whatnot ...).
  • Improved check of airspace violations: Tools > Check tracklogs vs Airspaces will place a * in front of each tracklog where baro of gps altitude breach the limits.
  • Airspace: still todo: handle shapes other than polygons.
  • Now reads both GpsDump kml files and IGC files.
  • Note: it is not making any attempt at checking the validity of IGC files, it simply grabs all B records (and any HFDTE records to try to work out the times...).
  • Note: filenames must end with "[pilot no].kml" or "[pilot no].igc" (case does not matter). This is (some of) the actual code:
       string[] track_file_parts = tracklog_filename.Split(new char[] { '.' }, StringSplitOptions.None);
       string comp_pilot_id = track_file_parts[track_file_parts.Length - 2];
       int id = 0;
       if (int.TryParse(comp_pilot_id, out id)) return id.ToString();
       else return "";

So "5.kml", "0005.kml" and "Hans.0005.kml" works. "Hans0005.kml" would not work.

  • GAP2008 scoring formula. A few things:
    • you want a specific Day Quality (DQ) you can get it by setting it directly. Overrides the Nom. settings for dist, time and goal.
    • You want 1000 points to the winner (before DQ is applied) you can get it even if some pilot who did not have the fastest time grabbed all the leading points.

A couple of comps scored with GAP2008:

  • PWC2009 scoring formula

Note: not as simple as prev. PWC formulas since it use GAP2008 in the bottom and there is lot of parameters that can be tweaked. It is not specified in the PWC2009 rules what the GAP params should be.
Here is a test competition created from the PWC comp in Korea last month:
It includes the fsdb with participants and tasks, waypoint list and all tracklogs and has been scored with FS's version of PWC2009 scoring formula.

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