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FS version 1.2.1 BETA


Released: 2008-04-28

Re-released: 2008-05-05

  • fixed ticket #87 so now it should be possible to use this for competitions.
  • fixed ticket #88 (leading points when no one at ES or open dist. task)
  • Has been tested and compared in most aspects with a couple of comps that where scored with FS 1.6.1.
  • If one use GAP2007 formula in FS 1.2.1, the fsdb file is backward compatible with FS 1.1.x. If using any other formula (at the moment only PWC2007), one must manually edit the fsdb file before task can be opened with FS 1.1.x as FS 1.1.x will only understand task with GAP2007.

Some new stuff:

  • PWC2007 formula
  • The possibility to create your own scoring formula DLL that FS can use ("how to" guide will come ...)
  • FsFlight can show airspaces and check for violations
  • Improved display of task information
  • A good deal more that is not apparent to the endusers but which will help when we add new features.

Tickets resolved in this version

Unused empty read only text field next to "Tasks:" list
Help in FS menu should have a link to the fs-wiki pages.
Improve "new version info"
Time validity should be based on speed of second fastest pilot
GpsDump geo wpt file from RACE db or CompeGPS wpt file.
Record time of tracklog point used for distance calc when pilot did not reach last tp
Distances shown for task is different in Task dialog compared to task report and Tasks list
Added splitter to Tasks view (Ctrl-2)
Task: possible to add tp with open time before prev. tp.
It is possible to add startgate before the SS turnpoint opens
Possible to select different scoring formula dlls
team results - team name with ' gives error
open dist task is not read correctly from fsdb created in 2007
Distance calc
FS 1.2.1 - not possible to check tracklog in a task
wrong LC fix in 1.1.7 (ticket 88) is effective only after editing task

Other tickets

New tasktypes: Open Distance - 2, 3, 4, 5 points
Mark task as "dirty" with * in task-list
Task map improvements
"Leading to turnpoint" bonus
Tracklog report, with links to the tracklog files.
New tasktype: Take off to landing via best 3 points calculated from the tracklog
Edit field in pilot list for several pilots in one operation
Open waypoints file from current comp folder if there is one there
Fsdb format
New way to allocate Distance points
When using goal line, show it in task result report
Teams Scoring Bonus Tally Facility
Cats cradle task type
Option to assign score (points) for a task directly overriding the scoring formula
Task "tpA 400m" to "tpA 4000m" to "tpB 400m" which is inside "tpA 4000m" circle does not work
FS logo or reference in reports
Manually setting points, should not influence DQ or LC as if the pilot flew.
Alarm if no 3D in tracklog, also alarm if long segments of 2D.
Show turnpoint in Google Earth
JTG, unwanted situation
Right click in task view
Airspace not loaded correctly
Drop down list for filling "Brand and Model" field
faq documentation issue, list of FAI ISO codes not valid
Wrong Formula in Task Statistics
Set default results template for all the competition
Visual aid for track analysis
Find the "walking pilot"
Automatic task scoring
Wrong tool tip in ground start option
Google maps in FS Flight
Started SS in race competitions
Same note or penalty to multiple pilot
Index out of bounds exception when ESS is not last or second to last turn point
Tracklog folder setting
Options information saved in fsdb file
Task view interface suggestions
Waypoint list report
Keyboard shortcut for results
No of partecipant not updated
Windows file association .fsdb
More than one pilot delete
Suggestion to change menu bar
Suggestion to change menu bar
Edit pilot info from view task
Import pilot list from CSV file
Elapsed time tasks, SS close time is linked to previous TP close time. Needs to be independent
Altitude check/display at SS cylinder crossing
Correct distance measurement if goal outside of ESS
Score pilots real time
Scoring with "Handicap System"
Drag&Drop for track import
A small suggestion
Move and rename projects, use default output directories.
Apply Resharper's clean up code.
Use Resharper to put classes in their own files if possible.
Don't use late binding for scoring formulas
Abstract away that the data is stored as XML.
Task results template for GAP 2014 EVAL: clock time for ESS in UTC
paragliding accuracy
Pilot import for google docs spreadsheet
Automatic airspace check
Task results template: Give absolute altitude
Task result template: Give distance to turnpoint for CESS crossing
Use QNH for airspace checks
Duplicate CIVL ids
Error in 3166-a3 code
Show penalty for "jumping the gun" by more than the allowed time
Leagueresults, not count each third poorest task
Barometric Altitude
Add experimental formula with "Real leading points"
Improve crossing point calculation
Installer: Uninstall previous versions
Elapsed time tasks with start as first TP use first start time instead of last
FTV considers cancelled tasks
Task winner's points can be 1000.1
Rounding error in task results