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May 18, 2008, 8:02:36 PM (13 years ago)
Stein Tore Erdal



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     1= FS version 1.2.3 BETA =
     2[ fs(1.2.3).zip]
     4Not yet Released (from prev. release):
     5 - Used in Norwegian League rounds in Hjartdal (2 tasks 51 pilots) and Tromsø (Hvittingfoss) (2 tasks 31 pilots) in May 2008.
     6 - Has been tested and compared in most aspects with a couple of comps that where scored with FS 1.1.6.
     7 - If one use GAP2007 formula in FS 1.2.x, the fsdb file is backward compatible with FS 1.1.x. If using any other formula one must manually edit the fsdb file before task can be opened with FS 1.1.x as FS 1.1.x will only understand task with GAP2007.
     8 - PWC2007 formula has been tested against a task from PWC in Turkey 2007 and show same points for distance and time. It has also been tested against a task from PWC in Italy 2008. Here the distance points is slightly different (steeper curve in PWC2007 formula). Seems PWC has changed the formula a little for 2008.
     10Some new stuff:
     12 - PWC2007 formula
     13 - GAP2000 formula
     14 - GAP2002 formula
     15 - OZGAP2005 formula
     16 - The possibility to create your own scoring formula DLL that FS can use ("how to" guide will come ...)
     17 - FsFlight can show airspaces and check for violations
     18 - Improved display of task information
     19 - A good deal more that is not apparent to the endusers but which will help when we add new features.
     21One major missing feature that will be added very soon is a way to create official results for the WPRS ([]) that can be sent by email or uploaded directly.[[BR]]
     22At [] there is a description on what to send by email to Paula as it is now.
     25=== Tickets resolved in this version ===
     28=== Other tickets ===