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FsFlightData element in fsdb


(with example values)

  • distance="54.041"
    distance flown in the task in kilometers.
  • started_ss="2007-06-20T14:45:12+02:00"
    the actual time the SS turnpoint was taken.
  • finished_ss="2007-06-20T16:12:39+02:00"
    the actual time the ES turnpoint was taken.
  • finished_task="2007-06-20T16:14:06+02:00"
    the actual time the pilot took the goal turnpoint or, if not completing the task, the time of the tracklogpoint giving the best distance.
  • tracklog_filename="Zoran Labovic.20070620-184100.710.117.kml"
  • lc="1.59361762219143"
    leading coefficient
  • iv="137501"
    intermediate value used to calculate leading coefficient, actually the area of a time/distance graph.
  • ts="2008-02-21T07:48:22+01:00"
    timestamp for when this element was created

All attributes are optional, but some depend on others having a value too.

Logic …

No attributes (an empty element) means pilot was present but did not fly (DNF).

Just distance means the pilot did fly (DF).

distance >= task_distance (in FsTaskScoreParams? element) means pilot reached goal turnpoint.