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FsTaskDefinition element in fsdb

So far (2009-05-10) 3 main types of tasks: Race, Elapsed and Open distance.

No ss & es attributes means no speedsection, hence Open distance task (having a speedsection means having a time means very hard to come up with a way of scoring time & distance ...).

Having ss & es attributes means Race or Elapsed.

Having one or more startgates (FsStartGate? element) means a Race.

FsTaskDefinition attributes

  • goal
    Values: "", "CIRCLE", "LINE". (fsdb files created with !FS 1.2.12 and earlier may have "OPENDISTANCE" when the task is open distance. This value is not needed and will not be created with later versions of !FS)
    Decides how the last FsTurnpoint? is treated in the case of Race or Elapsed task types.
  • ss
    Values: "" or an integer
    Index of the start of speedsection (SS) turnpoint.
  • es
    Values: "" or an integer
    Index of the end of speedsection (ES) turnpoint.

All attributes are optional, but some depend on others having a value too.

Logic …