Scoring formulas


Discontinued. Use GAP2008 instead, will do the same but better. If you really need it GAP2000 (with all it's faults and unintended features) copy it from and place in same folder as FsComp.exe.

Reason to use GAP2007A instead of GAP2007:

With GAP2007 (and prev.) any penalty for not reaching goal is applied to all pilots reaching ES but not goal even if no one reached goal.

This can cause the strange situation that having the best pilot btw ES and goal makes the task score less than having the best pilot landing before ES.

With GAP2007A you should get close to 1000 points for winner if day quality is 1.0 when someone reach ES but no one reached goal (using 1000 point option).

(you would normally not get exactly 1000 points as the distance points would be less not having flown the whole distance).

See and for background.

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