GAP2011 is the current version of GAP and contains all features of GAP/GAP2002/GAP2008/OzGAP. GAP 2011 can be used to create the same results as all previous formulas. It's recommended to use 2011 instead of earlier versions.

Unfortunately there is no detailed documentation around that explains all features added from GAP2008 to GAP2011. We're working on improving the documentation for FS, which includes a complete explanation of the current GAP implementation, but until we're done with that, here in short, the changes implemented in 2011:

  • Altitude bonus in stopped tasks: we take the position at the time the task was stopped, calculate altitude over goal, then assume a 2:1 glide (default, can be changed) to determine a bonus distance. If that one is bigger than the best distance the pilot reached previously, we use the bonus distance, otherwise the best distance as before.
  • Devaluation of tasks with no pilot in goal: If no pilot reaches goal, the task is devalued by an additional factor, default (as set by the CIVL plenary in 2011) is 80%
  • Devaluation of stopped tasks: Stopped tasks are devalued by an additional factor, default (as set by the CIVL plenary in 2011) is 70%. This is not combined with change 2, so even a stopped task with no pilot in goal is devalued only by factor 70%.

The 2011 CIVL plenary decided to apply those changes to all FAI Category-1 paragliding events. That usually means they'll also be applied to most FAI-2 events, since scorers/meet directors tend to just apply the same rules there. They do not apply to Hang Gliding competitions, but of course organizers of FAI-2 events are free to use those settings as well.

Documentation: GapGuide-2011-v1.pdf

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