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    11= !GpsDump =
    43!GpsDump is a program for communication between a PC and a GPS Unit. !GpsDump can up/download tracklogs, waypoints, CTR data, ++ to most popular GPS devices in the free flying community.
    87!GpsDump is developed by Stein Sørensen, separately from [WikiStart FS], but [WikiStart FS] rely on !GpsDump for up/download functions.
    10 == Using !GpsDump ==
     9Latest version of !GpsDump can be found on [ Stein Sørensen's homepage].
    12 What you will need
     11=== Downloading a tracklog in standard mode ===
     12 1. Select COM port under the Misc menu.
     13 2. Connect the GPS to the computer and turn it on. (Depending on the GPS-model you might need to set it in a certain mode before starting download.)
     14 3. Start the download by clicking on the apropriate button in !GpsDump or use one of the menuitems or short-cuts under the Logs menu. (Depending on the GPS-model you might need to do something on the GPS now.)
     15 4. Once all points are downloaded they will be shown in i a list in !GpsDump.
     16 5. Select all (or the section) of the points and save the log (Alt-S, Ctr-A, Ctrl-S does the job).
     17 6. You will get a dialog that shows you some statistics and a box for entering a description. All this will be saved inside the log when you press the "Save" button.
     18The resulting log is in !GpsDump KML format (.kml). This means it is an extention of the Google Earth KML format and if you double click on the file it will be shown in Google Earth if you have it installed on you computer.
     19This format is used by [WikiStart FS] and also by [ The FlightLog].
    14  * Latest version of !GpsDump downloadable from [ Stein's homepage]
    15  * A GPS device
    16  * The corresponding GPS cable
    17  * You will need the Garmin USB drivers for communication with a Garmin GPS via USB. These drivers are not included with !GpsDump.
     21== Competition Mode ==
     22When using !GpsDump together with [WikiStart FS] to run a competition on should set !GpsDump in Competition Mode.
    19 === Downloading a tracklog ===
     24This is done under the Misc menu.
    21  1. Turn on GPS. If Garmin serial, set to GRM/GRM mode
    22  2. Select Tracklog - relevant GPS in !GpsDump
    23  3. Select points, And so on
    24  4. Screenshots
    2728== Notes on various instruments ==
    2929=== XC-Trainer ===
    3130  * One should initiate the download in !GpsDump (ie press the "XC-Trainer (MXP)" button or use the Logs/... menu) before pressing "SEL" in XC-Trainer. !GpsDump will wait "forever" for XC-Trainer to start sending data so no need to rush.
    3231  * Do not use TNC to send the log. This will give you whatever local time the instrument is set to. MXP will give UTC time which is what you want.
    3332  * In some cases you might get some error from !GpsDump while trying to download a tracklog. In these cases first try again, then try MXP 1s 19K, then MXP 3s 19K ... If MXP simply will not work for this instrument on this PC & COM port, try it on a different PC or COM port if you have one. Or try the TNC 1s 57K or 9.6 (set local time to same as UTC time first).
    35 === Uploading waypoints ===
     34=== Garmin ===
    37  1. Turn on
     36 * You will need the Garmin USB drivers for communication with a Garmin GPS via USB. These drivers are not included with !GpsDump.
     37 * When using Garmin serial cable set the GPS to GRM/GRM mode.
     40=== Uploading waypoints ===
     41 1. Turn on