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Network scoring

One of the stress factors while scoring is the limited time available when all pilots come in and hand in the GPS’es. This is usually late at night, and the line of smelly pilots can be long. If you prepare a setup with some networked computers the FS system can handle large numbers of pilots in a very short time.

Since FS is decoupled from the GPS download programs, you can actually have the pilots email the tracklogs to you, or make available computers where the pilots can download the tracklogs themselves. This would probably not be acceptable for a Cat 1 competition, but smaller comps have done this in the past with great success.

Multiple download computers

Share one folder with FS, GpsDump and the tracklog directories. Mount this folder on the “download computers”. Set up GpsDump in competition mode on all computers, and specify the tracklog folder on the shared drive. Have one person help the scorer on each “download computer”, and with two computers you have just halved the time it takes to download the GPS’es.

Google Earth display computers

Note: This is work in progress, not all is implemented yet. Another time-saver is to set up one or more computers with Google Earth, and let the pilots use these to check and compare tracklogs as they are downloaded in near real-time. (Instead of having pilots hanging over the scorer while he’s trying to handle all the incoming GPS downloads) You just need to share the tracklog-report folder read-only, mount it on the slave display computers, and bring up the tracklog-report. Pilots can then find themselves on the report, and bring up the tracklogs in Google earth. (Can this be implemented in Google Earth directly? Maybe the tracklog-report should name tracklogs in a predictive way, without the timestamp for example?)