Quick Guide to scoring with FS



  • When GpsDump is set to Competition mode it will relate to the participant list of the competition, and tracklogs will be named after the pilot and date, and automatically stored in the specified folder.
  • GpsDump does all the up/download jobs, the scorer control GpsDump directly.
  • FsComp have three views of the competition data, one for participants list, one for task list, and one for competition description. The scorer will spend most time in the task view.
  • The task needs to be set up in FS before the tracklogs can be checked.
  • FsComp will find the tracklogs as they are stored by GpsDump, and check the tracklogs against the task.
  • FsComp will generate a HTML report of the task/competition score.


Install FS, GpsDump, and relevant USB drivers. Make sure you have a waypoint list that can be loaded in GpsDump. Make sure your communications with GPS devices work before the pilots start lining up. Make a folder for the competition, and separate sub-folders for each task during the scoring.

Set up the competition and pilot list

Start FsComp, new-competition, enter data and timezone, go to participant view and enter participants. (Alternatively, open old competition file, change dates, delete old tasks, and add/delete pilots for this comp). Pilots can be added or deleted any time during the competition.

Transfer waypoint list with pilot ID

Start GpsDump, set com ports, load the pilot list via Misc menu - Competition mode and pilot list. Set the tracklog filter to the task date and time, remember that it's UTC time. Load waypoint list, select all waypoints (Ctrl-A) and you are ready to send waypoints to the device. GpsDump will also send a special waypoint to identify the pilots GPS, this saves work later when downloading tracklogs.

Set up task

Go to task view in FsComp, add a new task, open the waypoint file. Set name of task, parameters, add all turnpoints in the task. If startgate and start are the same waypoint, add it twice. Set the start and end of speed-section. If it's a race task, add all start gates by right click on the start gate window.

Download and check tracklogs

Switch to GpsDump in competition mode again, make sure pilot list is loaded. If the GPS was uploaded with pilot ID the correct pilot will automatically be selected when downloading. If pilot waypoint was not uploaded, now is the time to do it, it will save you time next task. You can run more than one GpsDump at once to speed up downloads from slow serial GPS. Make sure tracklogs are saved in the right task folder.

When most tracklogs are downloaded, start the tracklog check in FsComp by specifying the tracklog folder for the task, right click and check all pilots that are NYP. You can select pilots by shift/ctrl left-click, and set DF for min distance pilots that did not give GPS for example. To set distance manually, set pilot to DF and enter distance.

To look at the details for a tracklog you can select Task Map from the View menu, and click on a pilot in the list. Zoom by left-click drag, zoom out with right click, measure by right-click drag.

When all pilots are accounted for, score the task, check for irregularities, and correct any errors.

See the FS Guide for the full documentation on how to use the system. Good luck, and please help us improve this documentation and the FS system by adding more information and descriptions to this Wiki.

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