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Scoring Formulas



GAP 2007 is GAP with options to produce GAP version 2000 or 2002 (with or without leading points) or OzGAP version 2005 as implemented in RACE.

How to achieve various versions of GAP formulas

RACE with OzGap2005

In FS: How to set FS GAP scoring formula to get !OzGap2005

RACE with GAP version 2000

Note: When using version 2000 of GAP in RACE one cannot turn off departure points.

In FS:

RACE with GAP version 2002 not using CompeGPS

In FS:

RACE with GAP version 2002 and CompeGPS

Using 2002 version of GAP in RACE together with CompeGPS one get a leading coefficient value for each pilot from CompeGPS.

In FS:

Download and use the Excel Workbook "scoring_formulas.xls" to compare FS scoring with parts of scoring the way it is done with the GAP versions in RACE.

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