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Scoring Formulas

Discontinued formulas: (Note that GAP2008 have the functions of all earlier GAP versions)

Some docs on GAP

The original GAP 2002 explanation from Angelo. GAP02_en.pdf

Another explanation on GAP witten by Nigel Leigh (NZ). thegapguide.pdf It's a good guide that explains the features of GAP quite well for pilots. (Except the use of Comic Sans font, but I digress...)

Create a scoring formula (!! 20090517: NOTE: explanation is under work, by no means complete (or even correct) !!)

Does only apply to FS versions >= 1.2.13 (the prinsiple is the same for earlier versions but some details differ).

Sorry, removed the rest of the description as it was not uptodate. Anyone interested, just post a msg on the forum and we'll be in contact with whatever you need.

This page will eventually have a description on howto ...

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