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     1= Task setting tips & tricks =
     3== How to avoid severe punishment of pilots starting early ==
     5Sometimes a pilot may start early by a few seconds by accident.
     7In most systems today this will give the pilot distance only to the start turnpoint.
     9Many may agree that this is a bit harsh.
     11In FS there is a couple of ways to deal with this.
     13''First note this:[[BR]]
     14There is a conceptual difference between '''"open"''' time of a SS turnpoint and '''"startgate"''' for a SS turnpoint.[[BR]]
     15All turnpoints have a time periode (defined by open/close) in which the pilot can get a valid crossing of the turnpoint cylinder.[[BR]]
     16The SS turnpoint may have one or more startgates. [[BR]]
     17The first startgate marks the earliest time a pilot can get a valid crossing and also get time points.''
     20=== Only distance points for early starters ===
     21One way is to say that if a pilot starts before the first startgate, he does not get time points. He still get whatever distance he flies.
     23This is achieved by setting first startgate to a time later than the open time of the SS turnpoint. If the pilot takes the SS turnpoint in this periode he will only get distance points. (If he goes before the open time he get distance only to the SS turnpoint).
     25=== "Jump the Gun" - add time for early starters ===
     26The other way is to use the "Jump the Gun" feature:[[BR]]
     27''(for this to work there must be a difference between the SS open time and the first startgate)''
     29What is done is:
     30 1.  we add the difference between the pilot's SS time and the first startgate (SG-SS) to his start-time (this so that he does not get any extra departure bonus).
     31 1.  we mulitply (SG-SS) by the jump the gun factor (a value from 1 to ...) and add to the pilot's ES time.
     33So with, for example, a time-periode of 10 minutes bwt open time and first startgate and jump the gun factor of 2:
     34- pilot start 5 minutes bef- pilot start 5 minutes before first startgate and get to ES: will get 10 minutes added to his ES-time (meaning 5 minutes longer time) (using jump the gun factor of 4 means 10 minutes longer time).